Our Story

Starting in 2018, Red Lantern Productions was born in the hallways of the University of Central Missouri by four students with a passion for storytelling and a desire to continue the partnership post-graduation.  After collecting in St. Louis, the company embarked on a mission to write, shoot, edit and release 12 original short films in one year. Using this tall-order to keep their tools sharp, Red Lantern Productions is ready to provide you with creative video work, with a clear message, by kind people.

Our Approach:

Be Creative, Clear, and Kind.

We mold every project, whether narrative, documentary, or promotional, around those three pillars to artfully craft professional and engaging works.

Meet the Team

Adam Velasquez

Adam Velasquez


Born in Kansas City, Mo, Adam quickly grew a fondness for stories. As a child, he would develop complex and interesting stories to keep himself entertained. Knowing film was the most powerful storytelling tool, he majored in the field and grew a passion for screenwriting.

NIcholas Wallace

Nicholas Wallace


A St. Louis native, obtained his Associates in Chicago.  Originally interested in the audio side of film, he changed his career trajectory after a life changing internship. Nicholas now has a permanent spot behind the camera as our resident Cinematographer.

Zachary Terrell

Zachary Terrell


Born, raised and later tattooed with the logo of Kansas City, Zach has a lifelong love of film, stemming from the ability to watch endless free movies in middle school because of his Aunt working for AMC. He considers 2014 the year of films that had the most affect on him.

Jacque Flanagan

Jacque Flanagan


Jacque operates as the company's Chief Production Officer. As CPO, she coordinates productions and keeps the team on track. She earned her Bachelor's in Cinema and her Master's in Communications. In the little free time she has, she likes to adventure around STL and tend to her puppy, Kola.